From the bride at a gorgeous traditional Indian wedding:

There are not enough words to express how beautiful your painting was! I feel so bad that we didn’t get to meet and talk, but I hope you enjoyed the event.  I’ve been getting non stop compliments on how cool it was to hire a live artist and how great you were at capturing our special day!

With that being said, thank you so much for being there! You made our day wonderful!

From A pair of Lehigh Valley brides (who are avid art collectors):

Andy is a fantastic person and an equally talented artist. Art is central to how we remember significant things in our family. To have Andy paint our wedding as it was happening was the perfect way create a lasting memory of a day we will never forget.

From a Happy Bride on Wedding Wire:

My parents hired Andy to paint our ceremony as a surprise gift to me and my husband on our wedding day! All I can say is Andy is so tremendously talented!! I can't believe the level of detail she put into the artwork and how beautiful it turned out. And it was so cool that all of our guests could walk by and watch her finish the painting during the reception. My mother has nothing but wonderful things to say about their communication prior to the wedding. Andy has given us such a wonderful, unique keepsake for the rest of our lives and I'm truly grateful.

From THE mother of the bride:

I have described what we have to many and share how very special and unique it is.  I say it is a "must have" to any wedding day.  Quite frankly, I describe it as an event within the event.

From a Maryland bride who had a special request:

So I have been sitting on my sofa crying for the past half hour. The painting is absolutely perfect and gorgeous!!! I am so happy that I was so determined to have you at my wedding and so grateful that you made yourself available so last minute. Thank you so much for adding in [my dogs]. It means so so so much to me. I had a dream about my dog I lost the other night and it was so real. I got to hold him again in my dream and kiss him. My wedding felt like a dream and looked like my heaven would look like. I like to think that my pup is waiting for me in a place just like this painting

From the bride at a wedding at Natirar:

“Andy is amazing and we really enjoyed getting to know her! The letters we received about our wedding and all of the details including notes about the live painting were so special to the both of us. I am delighted with the artwork which is currently displayed in our living room. Andy truly captured the moment and I cannot thank her enough for all that she did to make our wedding so special. I often find myself staring at the painting and reliving how I felt that day (so special!).”

From Ilyssa Somer, a lovely bride on a Connecticut waterfront:

“Hi Andy, I just wanted you to know how much EVERYONE loves –even the unfinished painting — how you captured the day – the feeling — the love. I hope when I see the finished product I don’t get as emotional as I did — but I’m sure I will. I just wanted to tell you how happy your painting is already making me and how excited I am over it…Giants hugs to you — and your mother too.”