Lately I have two songs in mind that will date me a bit, though one is of my father's generation.  It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To, and, "November Rain."  The two come to mind each November because it's my birth month, and as we age we tend to approach our birthdays a bit differently.   I tend to notice the cold damp time that is the northeastern November more with each year, at the same time, I tend to savor the slow playful digestive time watching my kids in the leaves in the days that follow Thanksgiving.  Regardless of how damp and rainy it is, and how my birthday cake is amassing candles (and I'll cry if I want to), it's still a wonderful time to host a party in grand or intimate and unique style.  I'm packing my travel carts in for studio commissions after a few of these wonderful November events; one being a wedding a the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and the other a Bat Mizvah at the Center Club in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  I have a handful of paintings to create for folks who want to give a great gift of the arts, and I will be continuing to hone my palette, my brushwork, and my eye.  That said, if you are reading this and wish to reach out about a commission to express your wonderful gift-giving skills and your care, I am taking inquiries.  Of course, come February, I'll be back out there again, back at the "live" easel as celebrations continue to unfold. 

In the meantime, I know I'll stay cozy and dry and illuminated; with my wood stove, my studio skylights, and my many birthday candles.  And the paintings keep coming alive!