Say "I Do" at the Zoo.

Let’s face it, humans are mesmerized by wild animals in captivity. We’re even more attracted to them in the wild, though most of us will never see the likes of some of the creatures we can find at such places as the Elmwood Zoo in their truest elements. It’s also possibly true that humans are drawn to their own wildness and unique settings. When we marry we hope to surround ourselves with environs that will look fabulous in our wedding photos… better yet, in a live event painting. We want our guests to leave like they’ve been on a safari or on some incomparable adventure. The remaining journey of the wildness lives through the lifetime of the marriage that follows. This all makes sense when you suspect that the zoo setting has become a fun and popular one for the wedding ceremony and reception… the dj or band backed by the odd warbles of the bald eagle (which were perched behind my painting space) or the roars of the howler monkey. Elmwood Zoo has a funky art deco archway, lovely animal habitats perched along quiet walkways, it smells clean and has the classic storybook feeling of a Curious George narrative. It’s your timeless neighborhood zoo. I was invited to paint among other displaying vendors in order to demonstrate just how indispensable a live event painter is at a wedding. Let’s face it, a painter is a wild animal, too, and what a better way to document a splendidly unique event with a classic and archival oil painting in a classic and timeless wonderland of the zoo.